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  1. The House of the Dead: Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021

    looks pretty good. I liked playing both at the arcade. Wonder if they will be available for PC eventually.
  2. NVIDIA DLSS Is Coming to Unity Game Engine

    This has been rumored since dlss was announced for UE. So this is only natural. Thing is that unity is much more popular on mobile where there's virtually no nvidia presence.
  3. NVIDIA Warns That GPU Shortages Will Continue throughout 2021

    Thankfully this will all be solved when Ampere Next arrives. ;) ;) :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  4. NVIDIA Unveils Its First Data Center CPU

    I think its more like the CPU to GPU channels which would allow the cpu to access the gpus via a high bandwidth bus. Rather than integrating tensor cores to a cpu. I mean why would you want that when you are tied to an AmpereNext GPU anyway.
  5. NVIDIA Unveils Its First Data Center CPU

    This has been Jensen's dream for as long as I can remember, had a couple of bad starts, but this seems to be the real deal.
  6. NVIDIA Confirms That Its Next GPU Architecture Will Launch in 2022

    With the exception of volta (which was basically a souped up pascal + tensor cores). Every nvidia architechture starts or ends up in consumer gaming cards.
  7. Sony Is Planning to Bring Its Biggest Franchises to Mobile

    I recall nintendo releasing a few titles exclusively for the shield TV console in china. I don't know what happened to that.
  8. Sony Is Planning to Bring Its Biggest Franchises to Mobile

    Didn't sony try this before?
  9. NVIDIA to Give Away GeForce RTX GPUs and More during GTC 2021 Sweepstakes

    This may be my best chance to grab a RTX 3000 :p :D ;)
  10. Radeon RX 6700 XT Slow in Productivity Workstation Performance?

    I've said this dozens of times, not only do you get great performance hardware with nvidia, but better support and middleware that makes it a much better choice. Cry all you want for OpenCL, CUDA is the de facto standard in many content creation applications. OPTIX is also orders of magnitude...
  11. Intel’s Flagship Xe HPG Gaming GPU Will Reportedly Perform Somewhere between an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and 3080

    Seeing the issues you had with the 11900K version, it doesn't bode well...
  12. In Win Chopin cheap portable theater gamey box

    I'd prefer a matte finish myself but overall it looks pretty good.
  13. AMD Patents Active Bridge Chiplet with Integrated Cache

    What I mean is that if its not seen as a single GPU by the OS then it could be some sort of multi-gpu implemetation (crossfire) and that would need both game and driver support. I recall intel had promised that multicore cpus could eventually accelerate single core applications. That never...
  14. AMD Patents Active Bridge Chiplet with Integrated Cache

    I'm curious as to how can AMD/intel/nvidia manage to make all the chiplets appear as one for the OS.
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