ASRock Z790 NOVA WiFi Motherboard Review


Jan 6, 2023
Introduction We have our hands on the new ASRock Z790 Nova WiFi, a brand new Intel Z790 chipset-based motherboard that has been recently released from ASRock to pair alongside the new Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPU generation. We are going to put it through its paces and see how it holds up. This motherboard comes […]

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NGL I kind of liked the 1 page scroll to read the entire review format used this time. :) Thanks.

Looks like a standout board for that series of chipsets! And the price is... COUGH... only a little painful.
I'll add my own summary: this board really sets the bar for 'enthusiast' grade: all the power and basic expansion you'd need for most gaming / desktop use, plus things like a POST-code reader, power and reset buttons, and even a second dual-USB 3.0 front panel connector for cases that have four USB-A ports.

The cost may be a little rich, but getting these options had gotten far more expensive in the previous few rounds of motherboards, with Gamer's Nexus actually dedicating a video about it because the cheapest board they could find for their bench work was a US$600 ASUS Hero. Much nicer to see such simple things being brought to a lower pricepoint, though ideally I'd like to see them on everything that targets enthusiasts, as well as the ~$200 "Pro" boards that a few companies put out.
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