Cheating in single player games.


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Jun 24, 2019
I have seen a lot of discussion over the past few years in here about how specific games have challenges that are just frustrating. Or not worth doing. And people are giving up on entire settings due to it. I get it. Some years ago I got a subscription to a game cheating service that makes trainers for games. It was a one time cheap cost for a lifetime sub and I use the ever loving crap out of it.

I play games to relax and enjoy. Yea I can't be killed or can do free upgrades on my gear and get all of the skill points. But I can actually relax and play the game. I still try to stealth and do tactical fights. But I also don't worry about some stupid move getting me aced by the bad guy just to inject a time sink into the game.

And yes I only do this for single player games. I could grab their cheating tool and see if I could figure out how to cheat in other games but meh... I cheat to have an enjoyable relaxing gaming experience. Not to get frustrated and walk away and spend my time trying to be better at a game I'll quit once I've beaten it into proper submission.

Anyone else in this boat? Or do you see single player game cheating as ruinous of the experience?
I figure if I have to go to unusual measures to enjoy a game, then it isn't worth my effort. Kinda puts mods and cheats in the same boat for me, with a few exceptions.

My brother, on the other hand, loves cheating in games.

So, to each their own.
I'll admit the older I get the more casual games appeal to me. If a game gets to be to difficult then I see if there is some sort of console cheat out there that allows me to enjoy the game.
I did that on console every once in a while. If it has a god mode cheat it was fun to put it on and run around. But only for a little bit. Blood Rayne on the first Xbox was fun that way.

But I didn't do it long because it wasn't much fun. If I wanted a challenging game, I'd just put the difficulty on Easy.
If I need to cheat in a game to enjoy it then I think that game is just badly designed or not for me. However if I already enjoy a game and see the potential to enjoy it even more with some kind of mod or cheat then I'll absolutely do it.

For example I enjoyed Starfield as is quite a bit, but I realized that simply modifying it so that loot can be sold for 50% price instead of 10% makes the game much more enjoyable.

Or if there is a segment or level in a game that I find tedious I see no problem with using cheats to get past that.

However when an entire game is predicated on just being hard, for example from software games, then cheating won't make them enjoyable. As there is nothing else to play for beyond the gameplay itself. From this perspective I also understand why so many people are against adding an easy mode to them. If there is no challenge the game looses its point.To bring another example Horizon Zero Dawn had a story mode, which is almost as good as cheating. But playing on that mode was quite boring as the challenge of the combat was 90% of the game there too.
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