If you're on the VMWare Platform, what are you doing now?


May 16, 2019
Looks as though the Broadcom's completion of the acquisition of VMWare, and their deciding to kill off perpetual licensing, what are your plans going forward if you're in the ESXi world?

I myself, working for a non-profit organization, can't afford the per-core-a-year pricing they've introduced. I'm looking at either migrating to ProxMox or XCP-ng. Time to get the test lab up and running and see which is more compatible with our environment.
We're for the time being sticking with vmware. BUT after this upgrade cycle we will seriously be considering MS's Hyper-V solution for our department. Depending on what the rest of the company does.
ProxMox just introduced automated ESXi to ProxMox migration (currently in their Testing Channel). I've started to play with both XCP-ng and ProxMox for ESXi migrations. Neither have been flawless but overall it hasn't been a horrible experience either. XCP-ng requires 8.3 Beta 1+ in order for their automated migrations to work (as there is a bug in the current 8.2.1 version in release. ProxMox requires 8.1.8+ with the pve-no-subscription and pvetest Repositories in place.
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