main site wants me to login with google


FPS Regular
Aug 5, 2019
For some reason when I visit the main page it keeps pestering me to log in with my google account all of a sudden, so what's up with that?
Mine just did this too ! It's Google AI taking over!
Can you provide steps to reproduce?

I did turn on a new feature with slick stream (service that powers search and the heart icons). Instead of only offering a slick stream account, it's supposed to offer the ability to log in with Google to save favorites. My understanding is that it should only prompt for a Google login if you're trying to favorite an article....

Rationale: should increase email newsletter subscriptions due to less friction to sign up and will help future ad revenue as cookies disappear.
Just went to the home link at the top of the page and prompted to login.
I just went to the main page and it prompted me to login with my Google account.
Desktop haven't tested on mobile just a moment... No prompt on mobile.
Mine shows this, with my Google accounts from Chrome listed below that. But only on Desktop / Chrome. Nothing out of the ordinary on Mobile / Safari

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