Phanteks Eclipse P600s Matte White Case Review


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Sep 5, 2020
Introduction Phanteks Eclipse P600s has been a mainstay of high-end ATX builds for several years, and today we’re taking a look at the newly released Matte White model. The P600s lineup includes models with and without tempered glass side panels as well as black and gray color options in addition to the white model, which […]

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I just ordered an older Phanteks case (the windowless version of the OG Enthoo Pro.

Based on reviews an dpictures it looked high quality, sturdy and like it would be a good case for my office testbench machine, replacing my old NZXT Source 210 case I bought over a decade ago which has been a real trooper and an amazing bang for the buck at only $39.99 in early 2011
I find it promising that this, their newer model reviews well. Hopefully that will preduct that I will have a good experience with the older Enthoo Pro.
One thing I really like that Phanteks did with both the case under review and my Enthoo Pro I just received is how they ship the screws in a nice "tackle box".

One very nice touch about the Enthoo Pro is that it came with a "reservoir bracket" presumably intended to make mounting a water cooling reservoir easier.

Mine build in this case is essentially a pedestal server /workstation testbench, so bi water cooling, but this is something I really would have liked in my previous Corsair cases I have built water loops in.

Did the p600s have a bracket like this?
Did the p600s have a bracket like this?
Had to double-check the manual, as that was a few reviews ago: P600s Manual

From what I can tell, they didn't include a pump bracket - they do sell one on their retail site for US$6.99, which isn't terrible. May just be how rare folks use these brackets, many tend to go for integrated pump/reservoir setups that mount to a 120mm fan mount or directly to a fan, or go with some form of distribution plate.
Just moved my main system into this case without the side window panel, just the steel panel. Very nice case with great air flow. I switched the back fan to the front to give it three 140mm fans on intake, and then put two Noctua NF-P14's as exhaust (one at the top and one at the back).
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