Samsung’s Snapdragon X Elite Laptops Are Already on Sale, Three Weeks after Launch


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May 6, 2019
The Galaxy Book4 Edge, a next-gen AI PC from Samsung that is powered by Snapdragon X Elite—a new SoC and computing platform that maker Qualcomm has said will revolutionize the PC—is already on sale and currently available at a substantial discount despite having launched only a few weeks ago, on June 18, 2024, according to discounted listings from various retailers that can be found online, including those from Best Buy and Samsung's own web store.

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Tsing said:
Critics of Qualcomm say that this is proof that Snapdragon X Elite devices aren’t selling well and have failed to live up to expectations, although the Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 11, Microsoft’s flagship Copilot+ PCs, appear to remain at their original pricing.

So the question is, did Samsung just overestimate demand, is demand low just for Samsung AI-ARM laptops, or for AI laptops in general. Could Microsoft just be dealing with low sales and not budging on price because they are so invested in this whole AI PC thing succeeding, and are trying to keep up appearances?

We just don't know enough right now.

I - for one - hope this entire AI PC effort crashes and burns.

Personally I will certainly never buy or use one unless there is no other option.

But that is just me.
No wireless, no modern CPU's that have NPU's, Man... let me guess you thought a phone should be a phone without the smart crap?
I think PC sales are down across the board and AI was just a marketing thing to try to gin up some demand
I think PC sales are down across the board and AI was just a marketing thing to try to gin up some demand
Every once in a while, a new technology emerges that's aimed to drive PC sales with different grades of success/failure.

There are multiple examples of these, just to name a few, "multimedia", Desktop publishing, content creation, Gaming, animation, rendering, photo editing, VR/AR and so many more.
They SHOULD be charging less for that though. TV that comes with less crap should cost less.
While I tend to agree on principle, the truth is it is also expensive to produce large numbers of varieties of things.

Sometimes, unless the parts that make a unique model are very expensive, it actually costs less to just make everything the same

I wish I could just unplug and get rid of whatever board inside runs the "smart" features though. I don't trust it. Even if it is not used, and not connected to WiFi, I don't trust it, especially with things like Amazon Sidewalk available almost everywhere now.
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