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  1. Some Users Are Working on Fixes to Make Windows 11 Look like Windows 10

    I like the windows 7 interface.
  2. GameStop Plans to Save Itself by Doubling Down on Store Renovations

    I have not been in one for so many years, I can't even remember. Online is so much easier.
  3. Space Invaders still on the wild.

    So that never was finished?
  4. Ubisoft Tells Rainbow Six Fans to Forget about a Solo Campaign

    True, but if you have both, the option is there for them to make money?
  5. What CPUs are in your Machines?

    5960x. I got it for 1/2 price back in the day. Son ordered it, something else came out that was faster not long after, so I snatched it up. I have a 2700 in my mining cabinet for video cameras.
  6. What GPU(s) are you running in your main rig?

    Running 1 EVGA 1080ti Hybrid. I had 2 but I mostly only play VR, so not much use for the 2nd.
  7. Apple Is Pissed Off at People Making Fun of Its $999 Monitor Stand

    So is the stand made of rare elements? How many people actually use a stand anymore?
  8. Ubisoft Tells Rainbow Six Fans to Forget about a Solo Campaign

    WTF does everything have to be MP. I think they should be making it an option.
  9. AMD Ryzen 9 3950X: World’s 1st 16-Core Gaming CPU Leaked

    I wonder how good the new Zen IPC will be? I have had this 5960x OC for a while and would like something new to play with.
  10. Space Invaders still on the wild.

    My 1080ti will do fine for now until something can beat it without the worry of this kind of stuff. Imagine after the warranty? No thanks. But at least EVGA has a good warranty system. I had to send one of mine back and it was painless and fast.
  11. Are you an AMD or Intel guy?

    Both and neither. I pick the one for the job. AMD is usually cheaper if it's something that does not require speed. Though AMD has caught up quite a bit and is very close, I do want to build and AMD system. It's hard since I already have a 5960x OC, so not sure how much better it would be.
  12. New Forums suggestions

    I vote for this as well.
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