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  1. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Re-released for Sony PS4 and Nintendo Switch Allows Cross-Play with PC

    [url=https://www.thefpsreview.com/2020/03/30/star-wars-jedi-knight-jedi-academy-re-released-for-sony-ps4-and-nintendo-switch-allows-cross-play-with-pc/]Continue reading...
  2. NVIDIA Announces New Games Coming to GeForce Now Every Thursday and Begins by Adding Control with RTX ON

    [url=https://www.thefpsreview.com/2020/03/27/nvidia-announces-new-games-coming-to-geforce-now-every-thursday-and-begins-by-adding-control-with-rtx-on/]Continue reading...
  3. AMD Releases Statement on Theft of Graphics IP Related to Navi 10, Navi 12, and Xbox Series X GPUs

    Can already imagine some of those interesting listings I sometimes see on Amazon when researching 4K players. "Get your ADaM SNASHI 15700XTT JPU. Capable of 600 pictures per second in glorious ate kay for the low price of $29.95 USD"
  4. Patrick Stewart Announces Free Month of CBS All Access: Watch Nine Episodes of Picard Now

    Thanks @tsing for posting this. Will probably finally break down and give CBS a shot so we can binge some new Trek this weekend.
  5. God of War May Be the Next PS4 Exclusive Coming to PC: “Only on PlayStation” Label Removed

    I almost bought a PS4 Pro for this game and Spider-Man. I'll be psyched if it comes to PC. Pre-order and all if it does.
  6. Terminator and Aliens Star Michael Biehn to Play Bounty Hunter in Season Two of The Mandalorian

    Yeah he was all over the place for a while back then. Liked him in Aliens and Terminator but I remember there some kind of rumors that lead his decline in big movies back in the day. Something like money or difficult to work with. Don't really know but I think it was around the time of T2. This...
  7. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FE Overclocking

    Expensive as all **** but man do they perform! Even more so when overclocked.
  8. NVIDIA Announces DLSS 2.0 for GeForce RTX: Quality Now Comparable to Native Resolution

    It's usually a feature in a game's graphical/display settings menu. On or off. As far as 2.0 goes it needs to be implemented by the developers first. Those that integrated the first version will need to update their games in order for them to access this newer version. There's rumors Metro...
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