¿¿Elden Ring??


Nov 9, 2019
I have not played any Dark Souls - the brutal reputation scaring me off.

I'm big with RPGs - Elder Scrolls, MMO, and ARPGs Path of Exile, Diablo 1-3, Titan Quest/Grim Dawn, etc, I have, in the past, played a fair number of shooters, doom 1,2,3, heretic, hexen, Halo, etc.

Is Elden Ring approachable as a 'New To Franchise' but otherwise experienced gamer.

I tend to go caster or caster/melee - how is the spell system? How flexible is building a character?

Thank you for, any and all, input, thoughts, and suggestions,

Being a Souls-a-like is why I've not jumped on board, and FromSoftware's half-arsing of the PC release will probably keep me away.
It does have classes, not sure exactly how they play mechanics-wise compared to a traditional Western RPG (what I consider most of the RPGs that you are referencing). It would be familiar to Elder Scrolls -- third person action/dodge based combat, it won't really play anything like a shooter or ARPG really.

The hallmark of a Souls game is that you have big bosses - they have a set pattern and telegraphing that takes some time to figure out and learn, but once you learn the "dance" they are pretty approachable. It's not unlike high end raiding encounters in most MMOs, only it's single player. There is an "online" component, which is common across most Souls games as well, where when you die you can leave a comment, and other players can see your tombstone or ghost and whatever comment you leave behind.
I'm considering this game and leaving many "I ziged when I should have zaged. "
I've been tinkering with it some and it's alright. Yea it's hard.. and dodging is a bitch... and running into groups of mobs sucks... but I know I have a learning curve.
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