Adobe Photoshop for iPad Is Getting Hammered with Negative Reviews


The FPS Review
Staff member
May 6, 2019
"Photoshop for iPAD SUCKS." Artists and creatives haven't been kind to the tablet version of the world's premier image-editing program, which was released this past Monday. Adobe is being blamed for selling Photoshop for iPad as a fully fledged version of its desktop sibling when it's actually missing a ton of tools and features. Chief product officer Scott Belsky has called the responses "painful."

The outrage seems to stem from the fact that users felt misled by Adobe’s marketing of the app as “real Photoshop,” a term many took to mean that the app would mirror the desktop experience. To Adobe, Photoshop for iPad is “real”: it uses the same codebase as the desktop app, and files sync between the two so users can keep working across devices. But Photoshop for iPad is far from the “full Photoshop,” which would mean every tool and feature brought to the iPad. For now, only the basics are here.
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