AI is your data yours or can you own it now if you take the initiative?


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Jun 24, 2019
So I've been learning about AI some for work. And the thought occurred to me. We take our experience and knowledge with us whenever we leave a company we were working for. They pay us while they use our skills and in turn our skills can also grow with the same organization. But when we leave our ingenuity and knowledge leave with us. Perhaps we've imparted some of that on others in the organization and perhaps we haven't.

AI provides a risk even to intelligent creative workers and problem solvers. If the company we work for owns all of our work product, why couldn't they have AI watching our work to see how to replicate all it can about us. Compiling all of our search histories and our completed work to form a metadata footprint of all that we do.

Then they can ask their AI engine how would solve a problem and the more employees data that it can churn through to create the solution the less we will be needed.

Also... what I really came here to post about was that we should work out how to own our own AI metadata footprint and train it as part of our value as an employee. If there is an engine we can carry with us to start training a private AI the more valueable and faster we will be able to do our work now and in the future. No more worrying... "What was that code I wrote to do this 5 or 6 years ago... " Our AI partner will be able to apply the suggested solution or something derivitive of it based on us asking... "We solved a problem like this 6 years ago... i think it was for project x... do you think that would work here?" Then the AI can spit out... "The solution may apply here but will need modified for this code base and perhaps taking these additional variables into account?"

So I want to know is there a AI engine we can start training today and carrying with us in our day to day work? Only to own it later and make the AI part of our value as an employee that belongs to US and not the company we work for.
I keep coming back to -

AI may remain a "cloud' type service, but I bet each company gets their own instance trained on their own internal data, in order to help keep from cross-contaminating potentially confidential data.

So you will probably pay a company like Oracle or Microsoft or Google to host your AI, and pay varying rates depending on what AI model you chose - and it will start out with a baseline intelligence, but get more in tune with your internal data as you use it - and that internal training will be what is considered proprietary and confidential to the company that is leasing it.

And following on from that, companies that have better source AI models and better training will ultimately be more competitive. I think there is a spark of ingenuity and creativity that can never be replaced by humans, but let's face it ... not everyone brings that to a job, and most work could easily be replaced by something like AI. If that serves to make us ultimately more productive and enrich our lives, or only serves to make companies more profitable and enrich the already wealthy --- that remains to be seen. I suspect the latter, which is unfortunate.
Each business needs their own core AI. The risk is how well the AI learns. If it can crunch all of the data from HR by example... staffing for HR can be drastically reduced.

The pushback whenever the time comes for things like Customer Service to be replaced by AI we will see a lot of the stalwart customers complain and demand to speak to a human... it's just going to be on AI to get so good that people can't identify it as AI. Randomized speaking patterns and accents per call. Realistic responses, able to discuss off topic issues in limited quantities, and make comments based on popular media based on the age group calling in... Things like that.
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