Amazon to Launch Satellite Broadband Service in 2024 with Up to 1 Gbps Speeds


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May 6, 2019
SpaceX isn't the only satellite broadband game in town. In a new blog post detailing its new, low-cost customer terminals for Project Kuiper, its low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network, Amazon confirmed that it will be launching a broadband service next year, and while pricing appears to be unknown, early customers can expect to gain access to the service in the second half of 2024. Three types of terminals will be available, including a high-bandwidth model for more demanding users who desire speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). All of these terminals are powered by Prometheus, an Amazon-designed baseband chip.

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We will see. Takes a while to get all those satellites up there.
I will believe it when I see it.
Amazon as a whole seems to be getting worse. They no longer offer much in Prime two day shipping and their customer service seems to be lacking. I ordered a new router from them and got a clearly used one that wasn't even packed in a box just the router box with a shipping label with no cellophane.
Amazon as a whole seems to be getting worse.
not wrong there, also a lot of what you can buy on amazon is not sold by amazon which is far from helping either.

Here in Belgium/Netherlands we have a similar company and most of the stuff I order there goes fine, but most of the collectors edition games I got from there in recent years have caused problems.

CP2077 (for the Xbox) had been previously opened and parts were missing others damaged. and arrived unpackaged (returned and refunded)
Horizon: forbidden west has been lost at least I got a refund
State of decay 2 bundle got delivered without the game had to return it and then got the correct bundle

They also work a lot with 3rd party sellers these days which i'm not a fan off.
lol.....good luck with that Bezos. Musk is, what, 2 years in to deploying satellites and still at not even 10% deployment.

First starlink launch was May 2019 - so yeah, four years. And he’s been basically packing every single SpaceX commercial flight with them to ensure the flights are 100% loaded, in addition to starlink-only launches - and that’s with the highest launch tempo of any space operator anywhere ever. So yeah - good luck catching up to that. Not impossible… but extraordinarily unlikely.
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