AMD Announces Ryzen PRO 7040 Series Mobile Processors (Zen 4, RDNA 3, Ryzen AI) and Ryzen PRO 7000 Series Processors (Zen 4, RDNA 2)


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May 6, 2019
AMD has announced the Ryzen PRO 7040 Series, a new lineup of mobile processors for business laptops and commercial workstations that features up to eight Zen 4 cores, RDNA 3 integrated graphics (e.g., Radeon 780M), AMD PRO technologies, and Ryzen AI—"the world’s first integrated AI engine on an x86 processor"—on select models. Joining them are the new Ryzen PRO 7000 Series processors for desktop, which AMD also announced today, featuring up to twelve Zen 4 cores and RDNA 2 integrated graphics. Enterprise customers will be able to purchase Ryzen PRO processor-based systems from HP, Lenovo, and other top PC vendors beginning this month.

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So... reading that announcement. It sounds like they are targeting MS's AI integration into their application's and OS.

Interesting. Those Pro series AMD mobile CPU's do sound interesting. Though on the off hand they do chew up the power too for a mobile processor. We were at 15w before right?
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