AMD Extends Support for AM4 and Zen 3 with Ryzen 5000XT Series


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May 6, 2019
AMD will be expanding its family of Ryzen 5000 Series processors with the Ryzen 5000XT Series, new CPUs aimed at budget users who are looking to stick with the older Zen 3 architecture and AM4 platform, according to a slide that AMD shared during a recent presentation.

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AMD must still have a lot of spare 7nm production capacity at TSMC and is trying to find something to do with it, to avoid it going to waste, and incurring cancellation fees.

I think this is great news for AM4 users looking for a low cost drop in upgrade.

The Motherboard makers will likely not be happy though, as it will pressure them into creating yet another series of BIOS updates for every AM4 motherboard they have sold for the last 8 years without seeing much in the way of increased sales revenue to pay for that work...
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