AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile 3500U CPU Review

Sounds like a winner in the $500 "gaming lite" laptop space
Nice review. It was interesting to see something other than high performance desktop oriented CPU review. If you get some more laptops to test for comparison purposes it should be a fun comparison.
Thank you for doing mobile testing. It is very hard to get good information on how mobile CPUs/GPUs perform without going to a extremely questionable website.
That was a great price for that laptop. Students would probably appreciate the savings, lightweight slim design. Interested in the battery life on this while doing different things. My 5 year old Gigabye with an Intel Haswell I7 with GeForce 860m (4gb) still plugs along for what I need a laptop for, may have to compare some of the tests to see how things progressed. Nice read/review for the CPU.
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