AMD's Budget-Friendly B550 and A520 Chipsets May Not Enter Production Until March


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May 6, 2019
According to a report from The China Times, ASMedia has run into trouble producing AMD's B550 and A520 chipsets.

Mass production will supposedly commence in the first quarter, but that could mean anywhere from mid-January to late March.

That isn't good news for prospective Ryzen 3000 adopters who are on a tight budget and want a cheaper alternative to X570 motherboards.

While using last-gen hardware (e.g., B450) with updated firmware is one solution, B550 will undoubtedly come with improvements that bring it closer to previous flagships.

The biggest rumor is that PCIe 4.0 support will remain exclusive to the X570 chipset, however.
Hmm. Just finished an upgrade to ryzen w / b450.. decent enough. Using a 1600af, good chip too . Hopefully they will get thier **** together.
I'd like to see a B550 someday. Hopefully it's worthwhile over the B450.

I doubt it'll be much though
I don't know if you're investing in a 12-16 core build I don't understand why you wouldn't spend the extra money on the 'better' chipset.
Given that ASMedia will also be producing the next generation X670 chipsets, the fact that they're unable to remain on track with the B550 chipset is slightly concerning.
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