AMD's Dr. Lisa Su Named One of the World's Best CEOs


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May 6, 2019
Financial publication Barron's has listed Dr. Lisa Su as one of the world's top-performing leaders in its "Best CEOs" feature for 2019. She even made the cover.

AMD was in pretty bad shape just a few years ago, but Su, a self-professed problem solver, righted the ship in spectacular fashion after becoming CEO in 2014.

In 2012, the year she joined AMD, the company was in trouble. AMD lost more than $1 billion as its products drastically underperformed Intel’s. But Su was undaunted and excited to come aboard. “I’ve always been attracted to solving really tough problems,” she says. “Problems actually create opportunities.”

After becoming CEO in October 2014, she quickly refocused the company on its core high-performance computing business, establishing an ironclad policy of meeting commitments to customers.

With just a fraction of the research-and-development budget of Intel (INTC), its main rival, AMD made a few bold bets on chip-manufacturing technologies. They’re now paying off.

AMD's stock has risen more than 800% as a result of her leadership.
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