Analyst: Apple Launching iPad Pro, MacBook Pro with Mini-LED Displays in 2020


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May 6, 2019
While the technology isn't quite as good as OLED, Apple is reportedly upgrading some of its future iPad and MacBook Pro products to Mini-LED displays. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, four to six models will be released over the next two to three years, such as a high-end 12.9 iPad Pro (Q3 2020) and 16-inch MacBook Pro (Q4 2020). Mini-LED displays comprise tinier LEDS that can be smaller than .1 milleters, which allows for increased precision of local dimming.

Kuo has previously said that Mini-LED displays will allow for thinner and lighter product designs, while offering many of the same benefits of OLED displays used on the latest iPhones, including good wide color gamut performance, high contrast and dynamic range, and local dimming for truer blacks. Kuo has also previously said that future iPad and MacBook displays will each use approximately 10,000 LEDs, compared to 576 in Apple's upcoming Pro Display XDR. Each LED would be below 200 microns in size.
I dont buy their reasoning for going so small scale unless they are going to use 10,000 zones or a small division less.
Hopefully this is what they intend.
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