Another PS5 Dev Kit Photo Leaks, Revealing What Could Be the DualShock 5 Controller


The FPS Review
Staff member
May 6, 2019
A new image of Sony's PlayStation 5 dev kit has leaked, and this time, we have not one, but two of the monstrosities side by side. While their v-shaped appearance has been thoroughly reported and critiqued, this photo does offer insight on what the DualShock 5 could look like. It appears to confirm details from a recent patent that suggested it would greatly resemble the PS4's controller.

So, what does the picture tell us? Not much. Some have suggested the DualShock controller in the image is the new DualShock 5, based on information gleaned from an official Sony patent. Others have tried to make out the text on the front of the consoles, but the image is too blurry to provide anything definitive. For context, PS4 and PS4 Pro dev kits are behind the PS5 dev kits in the photo.
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