Any way to stop windows 10 from installing video card drivers?


May 12, 2019
Windows 10 update keeps installing a different driver for my AMD 6800 XT I am running Home version.
In doing so it breaks Radeon software. The only fix is a full reinstall but windows just comes back around and installs a different driver.
I have device installation settings checked as NO.
Just yesterday windows updated my video driver and I reinstalled the latest package. Played a game for a few hours all was good.
Come home today and windows did its thing again, Radeon software not working and a different driver installed.

Is there anyway to stop this insanity?
I have been looking through a lot of pages from searching the web. Nothing really gives me a good answer.
Your link for google takes me to places I've been. I have the box checked for "no" in device installation settings. It doesn't appear to stop this.
I have seen comments about DDU but some also say that wasn't working for them. I may look at DDU, will need to research it.
I just don't understand why yesterday I updated my driver and then this morning windows just changes the driver. Its done this a few times over the last few months, but now its done it twice in two days.
Well, if you do a clean install without the network attached that would stop it
This is 100% the reason why I've blocked windows update on my firewall/router. So Microsoft/Windows can't shove unwanted updates down my throat anymore.

Only downside is, I have to manually go get the security updates and update each box individually. Takes a little time, but a lot less annoying than waking up to a bunch of borked boxen from a crappy Windows update attempt.
For now I have set a registry setting that may stop driver updates but it may only work in the Pro version.
I may try DDU next if the registry thing doesn't work. I had WU on pause since the reinstall yesterday. Back to normal now so I will see what happens.

I was also thinking about upgrading my license to Pro as that will give me gpedit and I should be able to turn off driver updates.
I have a Home retail license, not sure if doing an upgrade will retain the retail part though. That may be my last resort too, its $99 from Microsoft.
I should have just bought retail Pro, sigh.
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