Apple Terminates Epic’s Developer Account over Tim Sweeney Tweet


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May 6, 2019
Apple has terminated Epic Games' newly reinstated developer account after learning that Tim Sweeney, Unreal Engine creator and Epic Games CEO, has been publicly criticizing the company on X/Twitter as part of an ongoing feud, one in which he alleges Apple to be a monopolist that is unfairly trying to get rid of its biggest App Store competitors.

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Does anyone actually care?
Also, I think I see a future where many mayor apps will be just websites. No app store, no app, no os would matter, just fees.
Unless they also block websites, it wont matter for many things in the future.
I don't like either apple or epic, so on one hand it is entertaining to watch them tear into one and another.

Butttttttt, on the other hand, it seems we are living in a corporatocracy, I mean how can a company terminate a business account based on personal opinions? This should be a big no-no, your services should be available to anyone who meets the business requirements, period. The moment you start picking clients based on personal opinions it becomes discrimination. Of course then there is blackrock who built their entire business model on political discrimination. I hate current year so much.
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