Avoid the Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 Gtb Edition Racing Wheels For Ps4 Pc


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Jun 24, 2019
I picked up this controller specifically for Forza Horizon 4 because I thought a good wheel would give me more granularity of control. Well I will say without a doubt that this week isn't it. I even turned down sensitivity to the max and I was still 15 degrees to turn lock that made driving impossibly twitchy. So take my advice and save your money on this one if you were considering it.

To be honest this makes me want to avoid thrustmaster wheels overall. Unfortunately with Covid in place nobody is letting you try racing wheels these days to see how they behave.

Might try and Xbox one if I can find a decent deal...
I still have a MS Sidewinder Precision wheel, its like 15 years, probably more. Its great for driving games even without force feedback.

.... yikes I just realized I got it in like '98 for NFS III or '99 for NFS IV HS
Yea that is the only reason I am considering a Logitech G920 setup.
Thrustmaster makes some good wheels, but you get what you pay for. Going in for a wheel at the $100 price point you should keep your expectations low. The TS-XW is supposed to be really good, but that is $700. Have read mixed things about the TMX Pro for $250. Thrustmaster's bungee cord budget wheels are all universally panned, though.

Did you adjust the amount of steering lock in the game? I don't think it's enough to just adjust sensitivity on its own. I think both Horizon 4 and FM7 now have calibration programs for wheels so you can dial them in. You also need to make sure the settings are correct in the Thrustmaster software.

The G920 is okay, but it still has issues that come with the old gear system. I would try to get a belted servo if you can. Fanatec used to offer belted systems for $400-500, but I don't think they have any bundles under $600 now.
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I'm fine with the gear drive of the 920. And yes I tried adjusting the settings and advanced settings to get better. Searched online as well. But the thristmaster drivers literally offer no tweaking or settings adjustments. At least on that model.
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