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Jun 4, 2019
Are their any self hosting cloud/backup storage solutions available? Whether the software is free to use or a ONE TIME payment I am interested in software that will allow me to backup my phone's picture similar to how Google will do it. IE: Take a pic, it automatically uploads it to the cloud/backup on Wifi (or cell service if enabled)

I guess I am looking for a DIY self hosting Dropbox?
Have you used it before?

Nextcloud and ownCloud are the two on my radar and one is a fork of the other according to what I was reading.
When I made the choice between the two, the main rationale that I'm remembering is that owncloud took things in a more commercialized direction where as nextcloud was standing ground in the FOSS camp. Things like SSO are behind a paywall on the Owncloud side where as it's not for Nextcloud.

I was originally running it on truenas scale via truecharts, but truecharts makes so many breaking changes so often I migrated out to its own vm.

I would say for personal use, I've been tinkering with it for 6 months on and off, but not yet ready to introduce it to the wife, if that makes sense...
I mostly just want something to replace Google Backup on my Android phone.

I take so many pictures for work that I am constantly deleting them off my Google Photos account because my phone backs them up.

I want to disable Google, but I still want pictures backed up. Not necessarily the ones I take for work, but other pics and relying on my to enable/disable backup constantly for work/personal pics just isn't a solution.

So I was thinking their has to be some kind of way that I can have Google, at home.

Can Nextcloud automatically backup photos you take on your phone like Google does?
I use Nextcloud at work (a Non-Profit).. It's nice, and has an active development community keeping it updated..
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