Bandai Namco Mobile Transitions to Four-Day Workweeks


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May 6, 2019
If you're a game developer who'd prefer to spend more time at home rather than in the office, Bandai Namco Mobile appears to be the place to be, as the Barcelona-based developer has begun distancing itself from the traditional workweek.

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I really wish more companies in the U.S. would do this.
I wonder what hours.... 4x10 makes for long days, but the payoff is 3 days off. When I did it though, we were required to work at least 1 weekend day, so not exactly long weekends. OTOH, it is nice to have a day off during the week to accomplish things like oil changes, shopping, errands, etc.

My old company played around with 3x13 for a while.... that sucked. 6am-7pm. Those were some LONG azz days let me tell ya. On top of that we had regular oncall rotations, so even if you were up all night supporting India/offshore, you still got to work your 13 hour shift the next day. We had a little worker's revolt about that, we got a little petition together (95% of the peeps in our dept signed it) begging them to stop. Finally they gave up and went back to 4x10 (they ended up laying off 80% of us anyway after a while, shifted to majority offshore workers who don't complain about hours).
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