Ben Affleck on Whether He’ll Direct a New DC Film for James Gunn: “Absolutely Not”


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May 6, 2019
James Gunn tweeted in December that he had met with Ben Affleck to discuss the possibility of him directing a new DC movie, but that doesn't appear to be happening on any level. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter as part of a wide-ranging interview that touches upon everything from his new movie Air to memes, Affleck, 50, mentioned that, while he has nothing against the filmmaker, would never direct a DC movie for Gunn, explaining that he's simply not interested. Elsewhere in the interview, Affleck touched upon his experience with making Justice League, the original version of which wasn't entirely fun for him to make but now represents his highest-rated movie on iMDB ever with the release of Zack Snyder's definitive version. His loyalties appear to be remain with Snyder, who Warner Bros. kicked out despite delivering what fans say was an exciting universe, headlined by his Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman.

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