Bing Crosses 100 Million Daily Active Users Following AI Update, Now with “Celebrity Mode” Feature


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May 6, 2019
Microsoft's gamble of infusing Bing with the power of AI appears to be doing a fine job of driving more users toward the search engine. In a new post for the official Bing blog, Yusuf Mehdi (Corporate Vice President, Modern Life, Search, and Devices at Microsoft) mentioned that Bing, which originally launched in 2009, has now managed to cross 100 million daily active users, alluding to what is evidently growing appeal for the Google alternative. Mehdi exercised some modesty by stating that Microsoft still considers itself "a small, low, single digit share player," but the new Bing's novelties, which include a celebrity mode that allows users to pretend they're talking to Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, and other personalities, appear to be closing the gap somewhat.

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Anything better than google. Google has really screwed the pooch.
Anything better than google. Google has really screwed the pooch.
To be fair I've tried to give a chance to bing many times recently but had to revert back to google almost every time for the bing results were useless, especially with reverse image search.
A "celebrity mode"? Groan...

Bing's search capabilities are so inferior that I have to resort to Google to search Microsoft's own site. As much as I hate Google, none if its rivals come close.

I'd much rather see features that make it easier for me to find information, such as filters to include or exclude certain types of content. For example, it'd often be useful to exclude all shopping oriented sites. Google used to have a very useful filter that would only show results from "discussions" (web-based forums and Google Groups), which was of course removed at some point — a fate shared by all Google features I find useful, it seems.
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How many of those daily users are just there to play with the chat?
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