Black Ops 5 Will Reportedly Serve as 2020’s Call of Duty Title


The FPS Review
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May 6, 2019
The Call of Duty roadmap has changed. Activision had originally tasked Sledgehammer and Raven Software to develop a new Call of Duty title for 2020, but those plans have been scrapped. Instead, Treyarch will be developing another Black Ops sequel for release next year.

Sledgehammer and Raven Software will assist in the project and transform some of the work they’ve already completed over to Black Ops 5. That would include a single-player story mode set during the Cold War.

What this means is that rather than getting three years to make their next game after Black Ops 4, Treyarch will have just two. Some at the company say they’re not pleased about that, and are already bracing for brutal overtime hours like they faced last year on Black Ops 4. Others have told Kotaku they’re excited about the change, as they have a solid game plan that isn’t likely to change drastically, unlike their last two projects. (We’ll have more to share about Treyarch and the development of Black Ops 4 in the coming weeks.)
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