Can we see some real world testing?


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Jun 24, 2019
I see the reviews of the 9900k vs the Ryzen platform where it is always pulling ahead and that is awesome. I'm still going Ryzen... but what I would love to see that I haven't seen documented is real world.

I load up windows 10 I have a few things that are loading up in the background.
Epic Launcher,
Origins launcher
GOG launcher
Blizzards Launcher
MSI's updater
Corsair CUE
headset software as I'm not using a Corsair headset. (yet)
Gigabytes Video Card Controller
MS's security software,

And that's all from the top of my head.

What I want to know is how do these CPU's with graphics cards work in real world solutions. I love that the Intel is faster on a per thread basis for gaming in this scenario. (Oh lets not forget about patches! Security and otherwise.) But what if you have all of the common launchers running? How about a few chrome tabs on some pages that auto refresh. (Wowhead). Oh and don't forget your Twitch client that will be running, Oh yea and Discord too!

Can you guys be first to post some... "Here is what this looks like in the really real world?" numbers?
heck if I'm working from home I'm also in with the corporate outlook and Teams running in browser tabs as well.
The short answer is: Kind of.

The short version of the long answer is this: The systems actually have several of those launchers running on them because of the game testing gets done on them. I set up the systems and then do all the testing. The thing you have to realize is that every system that's used for a motherboard review is built fresh at the time to avoid problems. Throwing a ton of software up to run in the background isn't really feasible because it makes tests less repeatable and it introduces more variables that are harder to account for or control.

Lastly, it also would greatly increase the time it takes to do the testing. So, the game launchers are a yes. Microsoft stuff is a yes, (although updates are disabled for the duration of testing). Things like iCue and Logitech software will be a no. I do not generally hook up such devices to the test bench anyway.

Honestly, I'd ditch the internet connection if I could. Unfortunately, everything calls home now a days and doesn't work without an internet connection. The thing is, there are times where real world tests make sense and times where they don't. Power supplies being one of them. In this case, I don't think they do either. At least, not logistically.
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Oh I agree. I'm sure some of this is mental justification for my 3900x purchase. ;)
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