Christopher Nolan Calls Streaming Services “Evil” Ahead of Oppenheimer’s Physical Release


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May 6, 2019
Oppenheimer is out on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and other platforms tomorrow, but if its director had a choice, it'd probably be available to watch on disc only.

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I don't agree with him on a number of things but I do with this. I'm continually saddened by the slow death of 4K physical media. Trying to find an affordable 4K player around $200, or less, that supports automatic DV is like looking for a needle in haystack. There's like two or three manufacturers left that mass produce 4K disc players now and models are rarely updated. To me it seems like prices for movies seem to be going up as well and are even slower to come down than they used to.

It's a shame that the industry thought it best to more or less separate the two products, streaming and physical, as I truly feel that if someone had offered a solid 4K disc player that included most of the options a Fire stick, Roku, or Shield, do that it would've been a huge hit. Instead folks are left having to make a choice of having more devices and costs, and streaming has clearly won.
I wonder what changed in the movie industry because yes prices are much higher than they used to be... because viewership is down. Now theaters are offering 'premium' experiences with food brought to your seat and such. So I imagine they can charge what the market will pay for those experiences to keep money coming in with a lower overall viewership.
Well, bad 4k killed 4k.
I honestly don't care a rats butt about any of this.
I did for a while, even got my 4k tv pretty early, hot bluray 4k too ( which died prematurely and got replaced by the cheapest thing in amazon).
Oh I used to look for that hot 4k movie to see in my hot 4k tv, only to see hot garbage.
Crap, just high bitrate garbage. My tv has NEVER been pushed to what it can look like. Perhaps, I only remember a good sharp 4k bluray being '' The Meg" which is an absolute garbage movie in turn, but I may remember it looking sharp.
No streaming didn't kill squat, having no standars in quality killed things. There never was quality above.and beyond a very good dvd, no one bothered to force it, studios never talked about it, they did the laziest, cheapest crap imaginable and pumped out their garbage. Streaming just did the same without disc. If anything streaming is poised to save for 4k as more material is likely recorded as such and just shoved into the server like that. I may pay for 4k netflix one day, ISPs gave up on caps at least for my area.
Dude is living in la la land and is obviously not a regular customer. Perhaps he doesn't even watch TV or has some crap in his house no one has, huge projector like a cinema and such.
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