Civ 6 mod - Galactic Republic Civilization : Chancellor Palpatine


FPS Junkie
Aug 15, 2019

I don't like Civ 6 nearly as much as I enjoy Civ 5 with Vox Populi mod. But it's nice to see stuff like this. Requires Gathering Storm DLC. I have not tried it yet.

Leader Trait :
Order 66 : +1 strength for all units for every city states he is suzerain of.
Get a Flanking bonus for 10 turns after a declaration of war.

Agenda :
I am the senate: Likes civilizations that are not competing for city-state allegiance. Dislikes civilizations with a great army.

Civilization Trait :
Galactic Constitution : Gain an additional Diplomatic policy slot in all Governments.
+1 Diplomatic Favor per turn for each Diplomatic slot in the current government.

Unique Unit :
Clonetrooper Phase 1 : Replace the infantery.Don't have damage penalty on strength
Perhaps I'll remember to try this later... I've yet to play a Civ game with any unofficial content!
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