Class-Action Complaint Alleges Switch Lite Also Suffers from Joy-Con Drift


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May 6, 2019
For such a widely documented and gameplay-breaking issue, there's no way that Nintendo would have released a new Switch with Joy-Con Drift right? Unfortunately, that may be exactly what happened, according to new allegations filed as part of last week's lawsuit.

The filings comprise complaints from YouTubers and redditors who claim the thumbsticks on their Switch Lite portables are failing after just 20 hours. “I was playing BOTW and the camera kept moving without touching the analogue stick. I tried to calibrate and update the controllers but it was still the same.”

Joy-Con drift is when a thumbstick for the Switch’s stock controller continues to register input even though it isn’t being moved. This can cause significant gameplay problems. The lawsuit asserts federal claims of fraud and breach of warranty, as well as violations of state consumer protection laws.
**** is annoying on my normal Switch. Can't believe they didn't fix it for the Lite.
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