Classic Game of the Month - Phantasy Star II - August, 2020

Phantasy Star II

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May 11, 2019
Phantasy Star II - August 2020



For all of you who remember this masterpiece on the Sega Genesis, what are you favorite memories from it?

Artwork, music, story depth were all top notch for the time. Coming all on a 6mb cart! This was HUGE for its day.

You could travel to different planets and such.

Amazing JRPG. If you have never played it do so now!

They killed off one of the main characters?!?!

In 2005 Sega made a remake of the game for the Playstation 2 with updated graphics, storyline, combat system, and sound.

You can get it on just about any modern console, even steam has it available.
Steam Link
I actually never played the second game because I never had a Genesis. I played the original on Master System, though, and very much enjoyed it. The series faded from my memory until PSO came out on the Gamecube. I guess I have an excuse to play it now, though I'm still working my way through the Dragon Warrior/Quest series right now. Phantasy Star will be next on my list, for sure.
Never played any of the main Phantasy Star entries (though played PSO quite extensively).

I'd totally be down for a new main Phantasy Entry (with turn based combat, singleplayer focus, voluptuous blue haired elves, etc).
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