Cooler Master Launches the Dyn X Racing Seat and Cockpit Designed for Racing and Flying Simulations.


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May 28, 2019
Racing and flight sim fans have a new option for an immersive experience as Cooler Master launches the Dyn X racing seat and cockpit. Cooler Master notes the Dyn X as being comprised of two main components, the racing seat and cockpit. The racing seat shell is made from fiberglass composite materials while the seat itself is made from premium synthetic suede (Eco-suede) with multi-density/shock absorbent foam. The racing seat also includes interchangeable covers in red, blue, and black. The cockpit parts are made from a combination of steel and aluminum.

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So.. I sat in one of these at CES this year. 3x 49" monitors surrounding you is absolutely impressive. However, I'm not what I consider to be tall (at 5'11") and found I could barely get my legs into the thing without some serious origami/discomfort. Maybe it was just how that one was put together for the show, but if it's not more configurable than that it'd be an interesting thing to keep an eye out for when it hits the market.
At just over 6'2" there's no way I'd fit in that thing. Looks cool though and I can only imagine how awesome that 3-screen setup must've been.
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