Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse


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Jun 11, 2019

It sucks /thread

So I was looking to replace my mouse on my Linux gamer, and well being in the southern east corner of Kansas for work during the week, and not wanting to wait till I went back home to civilized KC and a Microcenter, I stopped at the local Wally World and saw the Corsair mouse.

Yeesh, It's spastic, the mouse click is almost non existent. You'd have thought this mouse had spent the last four years grinding in Diablo 3 daily for 12 hour sessions.
Scrolling works well, it has two extra buttons by the thumb, which are a no go in Pop OS and Steam games. It's feels nice in the hand. My arthritic knuckles don't swell so bad after a few hours of POE.
Precision,,,, It says 6000 dpi. You can scroll through the colors, as well as increase the dpi. I have to dial it back, otherwise a small movement and the cursor is in Australia or space.... Dial it back and it does well enough. Shame the 10 year old Microsoft mouse it replaced, while slower, performed better.

The buttons though, yikes. It does add an extra level of challenge to whatever you are doing. God help you if your significant other came home unexpected and you need to close the browser quickly before they notice your on some Lego porn site.

Yes, it's a thing. Don't judge

Yes this has a brand we know, but the quality is on par with the price. The Walmart brand Onn mouse actually outperforms it. I bought it for the work laptop. Thinking about swapping them.

Anyways, for you budget fellas, this one is one to avoid
Mice are a funny thing, so individual.
I have a Harpoon too, and find it totally fine for most general use and gaming.
ICUE software is allright as well.

Mine is very responsive in all ways, I used it for some FPS shenanigans like RTX Quake II and Amid Evil.
I stick to DeathAdders mostly. I've bought every version since 2008 (3.5G, 2013, Elite and now V2). I do really like the Logitech MX518 and the G Pro wired and use those often but the DA feels like it was molded specifically for my hand. I have to switch out mice every few weeks just for something different.

I've tried a couple Corsair mice over the years but have never been impressed which is weird cause I'm a pretty big Corsair fanboy.
I just had a Dark Core SE Wireless mouse that worked okay, but kept asking for a firmware upgrade. So I finally did the upgrade only for the mouse to quit working unless it was plugged in via the cable. I was disappointed because I have a wired Ironclaw mouse from Corsair that I really like, but wanted to go full wireless.Thankfully I was able to take it back to Best Buy with a few days to spare on the return policy. Ended up getting a Logitech 703 which overall just feels like a better mouse, and goes well with the G915 keyboard.
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