Cougar Introduces the Cratus, a Flagship, High-End Customizable PC Case with Angled Interior Layout and $599 Price


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May 6, 2019
Cougar has announced that the Cratus is now available for $499. This is a new premium PC chassis that Cougar has described as being the ultimate housing for a powerhouse rig, featuring innovative features for creating a completely personalized gaming station, including optimal thermal performance, total cooling flexibility, dynamic lighting, and more. The headlining feature of the Cratus appears to be its angled interior layout, which Cougar says is an industry-first, enabling maximum airflow.

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Great... a case that's going to take up EVEN MORE than it's desktop footprint...

I get it, design counts... but so does efficiency.
I'm only in if it's built by actual Cougars, with pics to prove it.
I'm only in if it's built by actual Cougars, with pics to prove it.
Yeah. Everyone please support your local Cougar businesses. They are hard-working felines and they make good products. If we don't support them then their products will disappear from the market, and no one wants that. Products made by Cougars tend to be cheaper but have greater reliability and durability. Cougar-owned, Cougar-run businesses are some of the most reputable, and they often have great customer service. So please, do your part to support Cougars and the good work they do in this industry.
I've seen some reviews online of this case and all are about average. Not really my cup of tea either.
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