Counter-Strike Drops Support for DirectX 9, 32-Bit Windows, and macOS


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May 6, 2019
Valve has announced that it doesn't care Counter-Strike players on older hardware anymore, having published a new support document today that explains how its controversial new sequel will exclusively support 64-bit Windows and Linux going forward. Support for older hardware, including DirectX 9, 32-bit operating systems, and even macOS, is being discontinued, as they "represented less than one percent of active CS:GO players." Legacy CS:GO, a frozen build of the previous Counter-Strike game that retains support for older hardware, will continue to be available through Counter-Strike 2's beta options, while refunds will be provided to affected, eligible players until December 1, 2023.

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32bit and DX9 were overdue.

Heck, Steam doesn't even support 32bit clients anymore, and hasn't for some time.

Microsoft dropped 32 bit support with the 2004 release of Windows 10.

There is literally no supported platform left to run a 32bit game on.
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