Destiny 2


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May 28, 2019
So, I bought this back when it first released. Was never huge huge into it, but had run through the story and leveled up one of each class. I loaded up the game last night on a lark and was utterly lost - it dumped me into some mission on Neptune? No idea where I am or what I'm doing anymore.

Was thinking about coming back, but it's changed to F2P with several expansions released -

First off, is it worth coming back to in any way as a casual player who generally sucks at shooters?

Second - if Yes, then wtf should I buy to get caught up, or is there some recommended path or order I should be doing (and/or) buying things?
No clue went to go back in myself . Ran around for 10 minutes and said.. yea... **** this and bailed.
I tried a random 3 person fireteam - it went.. hilarious. 2 other random internetziens joined. They lasted about 10 minutes, when I'm sure it became clear I had NFC what I was doing and horribly undergeared as well, I'm sure.

I stayed and finished. It took me a while, almost 30 minutes of non-stop shooting to kill the boss - but yeah, not much changed: find a safe spot, pound the bulletsponge boss

I had to look up how to summon my speeder bike thing, I couldn't remember for the life of me. Still can't remember how to use half the abilities on my Titan either.
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