Disney Announces $1,500 Blu-ray Collection with 100 Movies for 100th Anniversary


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May 6, 2019
Disney has announced that the Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection will be available for purchase beginning November 14 exclusively from Walmart.com for $1,500. Designed to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary (est. October 16, 1923), the collection features 100 animated movies on Blu-ray from Disney and Pixar, packaged in a storybook set that's complemented by original poster art, a lithograph, crystal Mickey ears, and more. Customers will also find digital codes for each and every title.

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That isn't a bad value really. If you love Disney and collect it.
lot of pixar on that list.
That was about the only thing Disney had going for it in the 00's. At least until they bought out Lucas and Marvel.

Before that is what I call the "Alan Menken Phase" where they had a lot of animated hits from the early 90's (Lion King was just about the only movie he ~didn't~ have a hand in during this period). And before that were the dark days of the 70's-80's, with the glowing lights of Tron and that was about it worth mentioning.
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