EA’s Immortals of Aveum Delayed to August 2023: “We Pushed the Boundaries of What We Thought Was Possible”


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May 6, 2019
EA has announced that Immortals of Aveum will now be released on Tuesday, August 22 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the EA App, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. The single-player, first-person magic shooter was originally supposed to be released on July 20, but Ascendant, the relatively nascent studio behind Immortals of Aveum, explained that the game needed to be delayed so its "full vision" could be realized. Immortals of Aveum marks Ascendant Studios' very first project, having been founded not too long ago in 2018.

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Your reactions to Immortals of Aveum over the past few weeks has been incredibly inspiring –

Ahem, about that... 422 likes, 553 dislikes on the gameplay trailer. 1100 likes, 547 dislikes, on the regular trailer.

Personally this seems like another Saints Row in the making.
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