Elden Ring Sells 12 Million Units Worldwide in Just Three Weeks


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May 6, 2019
Elden Ring has received some controversy for its performance issues, but that hasn't stopped the fantasy RPG from being a massive success.

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I don't understand gamers these days. One game they hype the living crap out of, the other they bash to heck and back. Has all reason and common sense gone out the window completely?

I'm not saying elden ring is terrible but it looks nothing special. It's like these guys see an open world game for the first time.
I have yet to break down and by this game. Not sure if I ever will.
Guess it was not buggy enough for the fans to care and not make a big deal out of it.

Then again from what little I gathered, it is mostly the PC version that has issues contrary to for example CP2077 so that may help.

Anyways, not buying it as I'm not into these kind of masochistic games.
I play a wide-@ss variety of video games across all platforms, but I never could get into Souls-like games. Don't care for a single one of 'em. Plus FromSoftware's sh1tty-@ss coding on PC (and in general) are big turn-off. Armored Core series wasn't so bad, why can't they go back to that? Cuz their Souls-like games are what sell. 12 million in 3 weeks, good gawd. Like with Bethesda games, the technical problems never seem to stop people from plunking down cash for the full launch price. Well, I hope all those people feel they got their money's worth. Seems to me like they would have been better off waiting for a sale, by which point patches and community mods would have improved the game.

This was interesting:
Valve fixed the game's stuttering/hitching and momentary freezes, and I heard people mention that the Proton optimizations Valve made here for Steam Deck have carried over to Linux on the whole, which I guess essentially means playing Elden Ring on Linux gives you a smoother experience than on Windows. Be interesting to see more testing on that.

Unrelated, it seems that overall the Steam Deck's level of performance and graphical horsepower are coming in at about the level of a base PS4, from all the reviews and testing I've seen thus far, so it's like a portable 8th-gen console (and by 8th-gen I mean at minimum base XB1 level, not the Switch, or the Wii U which is more like a 7th-gen system).
Wait nobody is complaining about a 46 gigabyte update to elden ring? ;)

Steam tricked me! It was 1.6 GB it was just showing me the total size.
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