Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds Expansion Launches December 6


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May 6, 2019
Ubisoft has announced Lost Between Worlds, a new expansion for Far Cry 6 that transports players to a dimension full of fractured worlds called rifts, described by the developer as being twisted slices of Yara that are full of surprises, dangers, and diverse gameplay challenges:

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Are these weirdo Far Cry expansions ever any fun?

There was a weird 80's inspired one for Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, but I can't remember others.

I never tried them. I may at some point if I get bored :p
Blood Dragon (which was completely unrelated to FC3) was f*cking awesome!!! Can't say about the rest, never played any of 'em.

Yeah, I didn't mean to suggest it was an expansion of the in game FC3 world.

It was a completely different game/story/world but based on the same engine and sold as a DLC/Expansion for the title, as I recall.

I presume the same will go for this one. From what I can tell the story/world has absolutely nothing to do with the fictional Caribbean island dictatorship from FC6.
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