Finished AC: Valhalla - My thoughts on it

From the videos I've watched the game just looks very dull, especially in comparison to Odyssey. I keep coming back to the series, but I think I'm finally burnt out enough at this point that I'm really not interested in diving into another one. I appreciate that they tried to refresh the series by making it more like an RPG, but instead of just integrating elements of those mechanics here and there they need to go all out as an RPG. I can definitely envision an Assassin's Creed game with a more detailed and carefully crafted narrative in the vein of The Witcher which, despite all comparisons when Origins was released, the new games never really got close to emulating. The game at its heart is still too much like an action-adventure game as the originals were.
All the people I know that are big fans of the franchise seem to like it. I haven't heard anything overly negative about it. I'm not a fan of the franchise, so I have no clue. I haven't looked at videos, gameplay, or had any desire to purchase the game. My girlfriend has it, but she's been busy with Destiny 2's expansion and hasn't had time to check it out. So, I have no idea what her take on it is.

The number one thing I've heard from people is that the combat in this latest game is the best in the series. I've heard that comment repeatedly.
I've heard more negativity than positivity about it. It's actually the fans of the franchise who seem to dislike it most, but they already whined about Odyssey which I loved despite its flaws.
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