Firefox Will Use BITS to Update In the Future


May 11, 2019
Tired of things going "bump" in the night?

Apparently not since Firefox will be able to update the program in the background even without the program being on due to it using Windows BITS in the future.

"The Update Agent is being planned as a background process which will remain running after the browser is closed to download and apply updates. This should make updating more convenient for everyone and reduce the time to get new updates for users who aren't well supported by the current update process because they don't run Firefox very much and/or they have slow Internet connections. This is a large project with a bunch of sub-tasks, so it needs a tracking bug." - Firefox

Kind of a creepy thing if the feature is left on and more things running in the background...

What say you?
This kinda thing doesn't bug me as much as it once did, that is until I use an older computer and am yelling at it for being so **** slow lol
I'm perfectly ok with it so long as they are transparent about it being used, and it can be disabled easily if desired. Looks like they are at least accomplishing the former.
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