Former Blizzard President Thinks Games Should Allow Players to Tip Developers: “Some…Just Leave Me in Awe”


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May 6, 2019
Mike Ybarra, Blizzard Entertainment's former president who left the company in January as part of mass layoffs under Microsoft, has told his followers on X (formerly Twitter) that video games should come with a feature that allows players to tip its developers, admitting that while some of today's titles already cost $70, a few of the games that he's tried lately has left him "in awe."

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Terrible idea. As we try to get away from the tipping system, which has roots in slavery, the last thing we need is for developer companies to have their wages subsidized by consumers. It won't start that way but will end up that way due to greed.

Walmart is a perfect example of a company that pays its workers at the minimum wage or gives them only enough hours to ensure they're eligible for food stamps and Medicaid. Hopefully, developers will never make minimum wage, but their salaries will soon become subsidized.

It would be typical for someone like Mike Ybarra, who probably knows little about financial struggle, to suggest something so tone-deaf.
The heck?
Tip giant game studios, what an idea!
These bastards want to suck on the goodwill of people that financed micro or even 1 person projects.
As soon as I can put a negative number in that tip box I'm all in.
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