Free on PC: King of Seas (GOG), Horizon Chase Turbo (Epic Games Store)


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May 6, 2019
Horizon Chase Turbo and King of Seas are currently free to claim as part of the Epic Games Store and GOG's ongoing holiday promotions, which are slated to run until early January.

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I was sort of interested in King of Seas until I read a couple reviews. Its from Team 17 (everything Worms related) and is cartoony.

I can't seem to find my GOG account info anyway, I haven't used them in eons.

Anyway, if you have kids they might like it.

Horizon Chase Turbo is kind of an homage to old school race games like Outrun. It's also a little cartoony with blocky environments meant to mimic the retro look. Again, kids will probably get more out of it than adults will. I chuckled a little and played if for about 20 minutes a year or 2 ago and I have never touched it since.
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