GameStop Eliminates Over 100 Employees and Nearly Half of Game Informer’s Staff


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May 6, 2019
GameStop continues to crumble. The ailing retail business has followed up its dismissal of dozens of regional managers earlier this month with another round of lay offs, slashing 120 corporate staff positions.

The casualties include at least seven Game Informer editors, who confirmed they were let go on Twitter. The magazine has enjoyed quite a bit of success over its nearly three-decade history, but its luck appears to be running out due to GameStop's financial troubles.

“As part of the previously announced GameStop Reboot initiative to transform our business for the future and improve our financial performance, we can confirm a workforce reduction was implemented impacting more than 120 corporate staff positions, representing approximately 14% of our total associate base at our company headquarters as well as at some other offices."
Wow that's harsh. I was courted by their recruiters a few years ago. Glad I saw the writing on the wall then. I'd hate to be employed there today. Local to DFW and need out ping me. I'll gladly look and see if my company has any openings for your skill set. (No I'm not a recruiter I just work in IT and understand the pain.)
Hi All
It's always sad to see folk lose jobs through no fault of theirs. I hope all affected find gainful employment ASAP
A very long time ago I worked for a company that would become what is today Gamestop. Decades ago it was a pretty great place to work....even had a Duke Nukem Forever Preorder in the system there for over a decade.
Hate to see people lose their jobs. I think everyone seen this coming though. It's unfortunate and hopefully those people will find new work quickly.
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