GameStop Launches Digital Wallet for Cryptocurrencies and NFTs


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May 6, 2019
GameStop has officially entered the NFT and crypto space with the launch of its first digital asset wallet, a new option for Chrome and mobile devices that joins Exodus, MetaMask, and the countless alternatives that are already out there for traders and investors who have declined upgrading to a more secure hardware solution.

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Well, how GameStop somehow miraculously survived the pandemic Ill never understand but this will surely kill it off.
Yea it's an odd scramble being made to spend cash before it disappears.
It does seem like they are trying to fix the leak in the bucket by pouring in water faster
It's because their stock value was artificially boosted by reddit groups punishing people artificially shorting their stocks. I'm sure you're read up on it. Now they are seeing the tide wash out and want to use their increased value as fast as they can before the bottom drops out so they have some assets to flip when they need operating capital.
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