Gears of War Remastered Collection Rumored for Release This Year, Will Be Similar to Halo: The Master Chief Collection


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May 6, 2019
A remastered collection comprising Epic Games' classic Gears of War titles is in the works and could release as early as this year, according to games journalist Nick Baker, who teased during episode 109 of the XboxEra Podcast this weekend that a major Microsoft franchise would be getting the "Master Chief Collection-type treatment."

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Ahhh... A time of "atmospheric rusty brown-ish hue" that actually meant something deep then labeled: Gears of War!

But, a 2006 oldie but goodie does not deserve a lame remaster, though. Either a FULL DESERVING REMAKE or nothing at all.
Let's hope this remaster collection is of a much better quality than Gears of War 1: Ultimate Edition, the very first UWP game (if I am not mistaken).
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