Giving Tiny10 a spin


FPS Regular
Sep 18, 2020
So I have an old E-350 Tosiba laptop which I got from my sister.

Its quite slow, the CPU just can't handle pretty much anything.

I tried some tips on optimizing windows but didn't make a difference. Also tried Linux Mint as its supposed to perform well on lesser machines, well, it was pretty much the same experience as in windows.

I heard about tiny10 which is a "shaved" version of windows 10, its supposed to be very light and gets rid of all the bloatware and unnecessary stuff.

Gotta say I'm impressed, while cpu utilization is still over 80% in most cases, it doesn't feel as sluggish as before. Youtube videos are now mostly stutter free and pages that took an eternity to load, now don't take as long. Even edge is usable, I really don't feel the need to install opera.

I use it mainly for RDP, outlook, a little bit of excel, browsing and some Youtube/facebook. No its not gonna break any speed records and it's still very limited, but opening azure portal for instance took an eternity on regular windows/linux, heck it would time out from time to time, at least now its usable.

I think I'm gonna keep it.
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